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For the first time ever, several of the most important masterpieces of the Romanian motion picture industry are available with English and French subtitles on DVD, in NTSC format with U.S.A. / Canada Region 1 encoding (but they can be watched anywhere in the world on compatible multi-region DVD players or on any computer with required software - available free online).

The series is the result of a cooperation effort between Romanian and American enterprises to promote the Romanian culture around the world.

The same advanced technologies used by Hollywood studios were employed by the producer to bring the original films to a brand new life, with incredibly brilliant colors and rich sound.

All six DVDs in this Sergiu Nicolaescu Gold Collection include professionally edited subtitles in both English and French languages so that you can enjoy them with your English, French, or Romanian speaking friends or colleagues. It can also help in making connections between Romanian words and expressions and their English or French equivalent if you are into learning Romanian, French, or English languages.

The movies are also ideal as a quick and easy introduction to the Romanian history and culture if you are a student or visitor and would like to make a presentation about Romania followed by a great Romanian movie. In fact, with these 6-movie pack, you can even organize a mini Romanian Movie Week/Festival!

Or wrap them up - they are the perfect gift for any occasion!

With these six brand new Romanian movie DVDs (with English and French subtitles) you can not go wrong - they are perfect for almost any situation. Just slide one or more in a holiday gift wrap, add a nice card with season's greetings and you are done - no more worrying about what present to buy for your boss, colleagues, neighbors, secretary, children' teacher, nanny, and so on - everybody enjoys a good movie!

Your parents will love them, your children will be happy to recognize Romanian words, and you will enjoy again the magic of some of the most beloved Romanian movies ever! Dacii, Nea Marin Miliardar, Mircea will simply fall in love with their stories and the characters!

Please note: This DVDs are genuine, factory brand new (not previously viewed, not bootlegs, not pirated copies). You will receive the DVDs in their genuine, shrink-wrapped, original cases with artwork and covers, exactly as shown in photos (actual products). Enjoy their crisp image definition, vibrant colors, and high quality sound. Just imagine that you are in a real theater. No low resolution, no choppy image, no small internet window/screen, no screechy sound. Just gorgeous movies as they were intended to be watched!

Scroll down for plot summary for each of the six movie titles and to order.

Promote the Romanian heritage throughout the world: after watching them, please consider donating the movies to your local library, community center, high school, club, or organization. Or maybe suggest that the recipient of your gift considers donating them to the organization of his/her choice. THANK YOU.


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The Dacians

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Plot summary: With Dacii, Sergiu Nicolaescu began his career as a director. The result is an impressive, apocalyptic movie with an overwhelming distribution and cast. Decebal (Amza Pellea) is willing to make the supreme sacrifice in order to keep the integrity of his people. His son, Cotyso (Alexandru Herescu), is offered to the Gods, in an attempt to win their support. A young roman, Septimius Severus (Pierre Brice) devoted to his adoptive country, will be forced to choose between his blood origins and the loyalty for his culture.

* IMPORTANT: The movie "Dacii" (The Dacians) was Nicolaescu's first. Among these 6 movies, it is the only one made using older film technology that was upgraded a year later. As a result, even with the latest Hollywood digital technology, you will probably notice a slight difference between the image quality in "Dacii" compared to the image quality of the other 5 movies in this series. Please be assured that this is absolutely the best version of the movie "Dacii" you can find anywhere - guaranteed!

Mircea The Elder

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Plot summary: In Mircea, Sergiu Nicolaescu - both director and actor - draws the portrait of one of Romania’s emblematic historical characters. Impressive cast, monumental war scenes and all the details that turn Sergiu Nicolaescu’s historical movies into veritable cinematographical events, are present here. The movie itself has had an uneasy history, the author refusing any attempt of censorship on the part of the communist regime. The movie’s premiere took place on the 21st of december 1989, which marked the beginning of a new page in the history of the country.

Uncle Marin, The Billionaire

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Plot summary: One of the most successful Romanian comedies in a half century, "Nea Marin Miliardar" is a movie that attracts generation after generation of TV viewers with no end in sight - and rightfully so. Nea Marin, the funniest "oltean"* in history (played by the beloved Amza Pellea), gets entangled into a case of mistaken identity. That would be small potatoes, except that the guy he is mistaken for is a shady billionaire. On top of all these, nea Marin really starts to like the golden glove treatment he is receiving as a billionaire, and we can understand him. The crazy situations set in motion by the confusion keep rolling in, the scene with nea Marin stuffing a bunch of leeks into the diplomat-style case is now a classic; it will make you laugh like never before. But wait until his wife, Veta (Draga Olteanu Matei), comes to take him back home and finds him in a compromising situation (hint: dancing with a blonde on a melody by Gil Dobrica). Of course, can not finish before mentioning Suca, the memorable character played by Sebastian Papaiani.
* an inhabitant of Oltenia, one of the Romanian provinces.

The Sentence

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Memorable scene: The convict and the widow silently meet again in his mountain refuge (just watch it, great moviemaking).  Also known as The Doom / The Punishment / The Sentence.

Plot summary: Manolache (Amza Pellea) returns to his village after 10 years of hard labour in prison and 2 years of war. Nothing of what he had left behind was the same. Rusandra (Ioana Pavelescu) – his lover – stands by him when he is wrongfully accused of killing landowner Paraianu. The dramatic destiny is the main subject of this movie. The movie "Osanda", directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu, is the screening of "Velerim si Veler Doamne" by Victor Ion Popa.  Amza Pellea performs his role impressively, and Ioana Pavelescu, Ernest Maftei, Aimee Iacobescu, Sergiu Nicolaescu and Gheroghe Dinica join him in this excellent drama.

With Clean Hands

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Plot summary: Released in 1972, Cu Mainile Curate (With Clean Hands) is one of the most recognized movies directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu and the standard used to judge any other political/cop movies created by Romanian film studios. The plot is centered on a pair of ambitious characters: an active political figure and an experienced detective. Both are driven by the noble goal of eliminating the rampant crime in Bucharest in the immediate years following the end of the World War II. Although both have started separately on their own paths, in the end there is obviously a single way to go in order to succeed: collaboration. Cu Mainile Curate (With Clean Hands) has created an unforgettable gallery of original characters like Miclovan, Semaca, Lascarica, Roman, and Burdujel.

The Last Bullet

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Plot summary: Inspector Miclovan’s last bullet is still hot in Roman’s (Ilarion Ciobanu) pocket. While he tries to revenge his friend’s death, he succeeds in solving an international spying case. Directed in the same manner like the one before it (Cu Mainile Curate, With Clean Hands) and full of suspense, The Last Bullet (Ultimul Cartus) casts famous Romanian actors, highly appreciated by movie enthusiasts (Ilarion Ciobanu, Sebastian Papaiani, George Constantin, Amza Pellea). While many times sequels are real disappointments, this movie manages to be an excellent continuation to the dramatic story in With Clean Hands.

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